Metal Forming

metal formingMetal forming equipment including forging hammers, presses and punch presses can be a major generator of impact shock and vibration disturbances in a plant, thereby causing problems for sensitive equipment within the plant, offices in the building or even causing disturbances with neighbors. The main problem is shock transmission, and the secondary problem is the ensuing high frequency vibration caused by the shock.

Fabreeka and Fabcel pads have been successfully used on metal forming equipment to reduce shock in the form of bumpers or mounting pads and to reduce vibration transmission as mounting pads or within a machine’s structure.

Fabreeka has provided shock isolation for forging hammers and presses since 1953. The Fabreeka pad is widely used in forging hammers to absorb the energy of the blow and protect the hammer supporting structure. Fabreeka pads, isolation mounts and coil spring isolators offer a solution for any hammer or press installation.