Petroleum / Gas

petroleum and gasA major problem facing companies with gas transmission and petrochemical piping is fatigue failures caused by vibration. High frequency (ultrasonic and hypersonic) gas pulsations at natural gas transmission line compressor stations cause metal fatigue in piping and valves.

To eliminate excessive vibration, a properly designed mechanical restraint is required. The application of Fabreeka Preformed Fabric Pad with high damping within these mechanical restraints can provide isolation of piping vibrations, thermal flexibility, reduction of unwanted noise and prevent non-uniform clamp contact pressure.

Fabreeka Pad is available in a range of thicknesses to accommodate any design application and is available with a PTFE Teflon® surface for thermal expansion and insulation for high temperatures.

Vibration is also present on drilling rigs. Created by mud pumps, compressors, generators and other rotating equipment, the vibration from the equipment is transmitted to the decks on the rig. Fabreeka provides isolation materials for drilling rig equipment to make the rig as “quiet” as possible and reduce structure fatigue.