Precision Equipment

The degree of precision required for precision machine tools is ever-increasing. Equipment that cuts, turns, polishes and positions with nanotechnology can provide finishes and measurements within microns and even angstroms.

Ultra-precision equipment is used in many industries including semiconductor wafer processing, optics/lens manufacturing and non-standard material machining processes.

Machine capabilities include ultra-precision turning and microgrinding of materials such as optical glass, crystals, non-ferrous metals, polymers and ceramics. The surfaces of these materials are machined such that the results typically require little or no polishing with surfaces having sub-micron finishes. Products made via this process include CD’s, contact lens tooling, optical lens components and mirrors for laser applications.

Fabreeka provides precision equipment manufacturers and end users with PAL and PLM, low frequency vibration and shock isolation systems to maintain the designed accuracy of this equipment. Some applications require custom systems and structural analysis and design of the support structures and frames used in conjunction with the isolation system and integrated in the machine design.